Private Equity + Forex

with both cryptos and stocks tumbling it may be about the right time to think of alternatives!
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Now also traded on MT4    since April 4th, hence fxblue being able to show a REAL-account.

Made already +15.1% gross since April 4th with all trades now closed.

This CycleFX system often targeting and making 100+ pips

per trade can easily work successfully with such tiny lot sizes –

broker already complaining that only investors make money 🙂

CycleFX generated already 75.3%  gross since Jan. 11th, 2018 with most of the time some open negative trades which is usual for this system to function well – Fxblue shows it to be demo only. Owner says: „I use a bank account, the dealing with a bank is easy (online), you do the actual transaction on a quote system and the P&L goes to your actual bank account, with the 48hr rolling forward contract.“ Fxblue says: „We do not want to have trading access to users‘ accounts. Therefore, we only provide account sync for platforms which have a read-only password (e.g. MT4)“ which a bank account does not have. But he still managed to get the data showing in fxblue – but this way without being able to show the „real“-sign. So you can rest assured it is all real.  For the first time ever he started letting his system trade client accounts on MT4 of course  – start of trading was on April 4th. Now you can watch the very same trades on an account labeled REAL. Still, time to join with 20k USD. Just contact me for details. BTW: the client would have kept 75% of these profits for himself and kept 80% for deposits of 50k+. Although past performance never is a guarantee for future results – imagine where you could be the end of 2018 with an account like this!

As a German economist and lawyer, I am in managed forex now for 14 years. (see my LinkedIn profile


On my search for good traders/systems, I found Antonio in Spain with his CycleFX Trading Model that is better than anything I saw in these 14 years.  He spent years in London trading for hedge funds successfully using his system (he does show a full report of this trading in a private 7-figure-account during that time) but decided to rather go into Private Equity and trade forex only for his family funds this way making more than with trading in London.

After some research about this field, I now find this way of investing in mainly brick-and-mortar businesses very attractive too. Now with both stocks and cryptos tumbling I do think it could be wise to secure at least part of crypto-profits or stock-profits and maybe even some forex profits by investing in his Private Equity offers he soon wants to show in the form of a PE-Investors club. A fixed 8% per year may not seem that much at first sight, but exit-payments (usually after around 3 years) can bring this to 20-30% per year.
Once ready in a few days you can see it on my Linkedin-Profile. PE is available for US-citizens as banks used are FACTA-compliant while Forex is not for US-citizens. 

In return for him cooperating with me in a prominent role for Private Equity I now spread the word about all his offers. I myself was not aware of the huge profits being made in Private Equity.

These are the kind of Private-Equity-Offers he will have plenty of:

1)Wanted: €300-500k for 2 Years. Interest Total: +28%
Got this from my SpanishPrivate Equity Partner – interested? will just connect you directly.

Hi Jürgen, speaking of PE deals … just got off a meeting with a leading industrial company in the energy sector looking for €300-up to 500K. They are paying 14% p.a. for 2 years and offer very good collateral for it. Completely off-market. Reliable company (family). How does that sound?

Just spent 3 days in Barcelona with Antonio the main of 6 co-founders of this Private Equity Company – got more important background info on this now – the company wants to get rid of the main bank that tried without success to get them into bankruptcy to get hold of their profitable business for next to nothing. So they are willing to pay that much interest and their collateral is worth over 3x the amount they ask for. An exceptional offer I now know.



1.    Amount to be lent: €300k (up to 500k)
2.    Dividend Paid: 14% per annum (4 installments of principal+interest owed, twice a year).
Total interest payment: +28%
3.    Term/Maturity: 2 years

2)Great Hotel Investment Opportunity in Spain

Executive Summary: COMBINED DEAL
•Purchase of the 3 hotels as new or brand portfolio. (Also for sep. investments)
•Location: Tenerife and Lloret de Mar, Spain.
•Type: Front and Second-line beach
•Total Rooms: 170+280+135 = ~585
•Total Cost of Acquisition: €30,700,000 
•Cost Per Room: €53,000 (median areas range €90,000)
•Rental agreement: €4,800/room/year = €2,810,000 p.a.

•Annual Yield: 9.21% (15-year contract) 

This is a very rare and excellent exclusive yield opportunity
in Spain, unheard of in the current environment.
This is part of the great selection of business deals and
acquisition opportunities that we have in our private-equity
type of platform, destined to private/individual investors with an
appetite to change the returns on their money with real, solid
investment proposals.
Contact me for full details.

3)EXCLUSIVE DEAL – In the heart of Barcelona – Net Yield 6% p.a.

Finding a purpose-built ~7000 sqm building, with triple-A tenant on a long contract with a net yield of 6% (pvp €16M) may be almost an impossible job, unless you talk directly to me ;-). Only serious inquiries, will vet any prospective buyer.

Contact via Linkedin or  –

Interested in the CycleFX forex system too? just let me know. Quote from descriptionMy model only uses real-time price data to plot a mirror chart on top of the actual price chart. Since it is pure price-action based, 90% or more of the time the mirroring is PERFECT. But what I’m interested in is in trading the % of the time the mirroring isn’t there when price divergences/discrepancies appear, and which need to return to mean (aka, back to perfect mirroring or both charts moving in sync). So It only uses real-time price action and divergences in the bid-ask (supply-demand) of currencies, which means it isn’t flawed by the use of any indicators (leading or lagging), but just real-time data. I look for 1:3 -at least- risk/reward ratio trades and that is what the system does by generating signals. Signals will do the trading in each client account while being monitored closely by Antonio. (System made far over 100% in his family account last year.) Min. investment: 2ok USD at a MIFID-reg. broker on Malta with Swiss and German owners we know well. Funds can go either to Swissquote Bank in Switzerland or Wirecard Bank in Germany. 

There are 2 versions offered:

1.  For min. investments of 2ok USD+ a monthly signal fee of 25% of gross returns
2.  For investments of 50k USD+ a monthly signal fee of only 20% of gross returns

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